• Manual exfoliation technique

  • Removes surface skin debris

  • Increases absorption of topical products

  • Immediately diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Primes skin for chemical peels / collagen stimulation treatments and more

  • Create healthier, more radiant appearance

Micropeel Facials

Micro peels are the lightest of all chemical peels and, because they work on the outer surface, are standardly not painful. The procedure uses Enzyme masks that contain Salicylic Acids and /or Lactic and Glycolic acids which are naturally occurring alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) found in fruits and other foods. Our most popular procedure is this in combination with Dermaplaning.

What are the benefits?

Micro peels are an effective adjunct to skincare, and expedite the results that can be achieved through skin care alone. Because they are more potent, they offer significant advantage over skin care products, and without recovery time. A micro peel will improve your skin texture, color and overall appearance as well as decrease the apparent size of your pores. Many experience improvement of small, superficial wrinkles as well.

What is Infusion Peel™?

Infusion Peel™ is a combination therapy system including two procedures in one treatment: • crystal-free microdermabrasion • peptide infusion Crystal-free microdermabrasion is the industry standard for medical-grade skin resurfacing. Peptide infusion treatments stimulate the body’s own cellular repair system to produce new skin cells, collagen and elastin, reducing the signs of aging caused by sun-damaged skin. What does Infusion Peel™ do? Infusion Peel™ treatments actually help the skin’s epidermis and dermis to rejuvenate and become thicker. This reverses the process of skin thinning and sagging that normally occurs with the aging process.

In addition to Infusion Peel™ peptide infusion treatments for advanced anti-aging, we also provide several other innovative infusion solutions with key active ingredients clinically formulated to provide excellent results for all types of skin. A hydration anti-oxidant moisturizer with powerful active ingredients including hyaluronic acid, vitamins and botanical nutrients. This solution provides the skin cells with advanced anti-oxidant protection and hydration to help combat free radicals from sun damage and environmental pollutants that can lead to premature signs of the aging process. A clarifying solution that gently exfoliates the skin while combating the bacteria in the sebum to reduce the number of active lesions and to help dry oily skin. A skin lightening solution that helps fade irregular pigmentation to improve the clarity, tone and texture of the skin. This solution helps the skin look more vibrant, fresh and clear. With Infusion Peel™ treatments, your skin care professional will be able to use a combination of one or more of these powerful skin rejuvenation therapies with the latest crystal-free microdermabrasion technology to create the ideal customized treatment regimen designed specifically for your skin.

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